Sunday, December 23, 2018

Sunday Pre-Christmas Deserted MSU Bike Ride

Yesterday I got myself some much needed endorphins via mild aerobic stimulation gained by visiting Lake Wichita Dam.

Today, Sunday, the day before Christmas Eve, which makes today two days before Christmas, I was back in the mood to go on a roll on my bike's wheels.

So, I layered on the outerwear to roll around Sikes Lake, and then cross Midwestern Boulevard to the main campus of MSU which is currently deserted, due to that Christmas break thing currently happening.

You can see how deserted the MSU campus currently is via the photo documentation of my handlebars chasing a pair of racing bike riders frozen in time atop a slab of bricks.

I need to try to remember to try and see if I can photo document, or take video, of the Fantasy of Lights to which five trams loaded with light seekers run nightly through the Wichita Falls Beverly Hills.

I have seen many over the top displays of Holiday Lights during my time on the planet.

Christmas in Yuma, Arizona comes to mind.

And then there is the Interlochen Lights in Arlington, Texas. In Interlochen the various neighbors seem to compete to see who can be the brightest and most creative. This results in HUGE traffic jams of light seekers. I don't think anyone has thought of having people board trams to haul them to see the Interlochen Lights in Arlington.

Arlington also has no public mass transit bus system of the sort most modern towns in the world have to move people around town.

Now, Wichita Falls is a much more progressive town than Arlington, apparently, because Wichita Falls does have a public mass transit bus system. That and five big tram trains carrying people to see this town's Fantasy of Lights.

Just last night, returning from Aldi, as I waited for the light to turn green at Hempstead, that being the road at the north end of MSU, one of those five tram trains passed by on its way to see the lights. The tram appeared to be fully loaded. Mostly full size people, few kids.

The Holiday Lights which light up the Wichita Falls Beverly Hills are the most over the top I have ever eye witnessed. And while the various mansions do their own thing, there is also a sort of light cohesiveness lighting up the trees which are on both sides of the streets which make up the Fantasy of Light.

Before the New Year arrives I must see if I can do justice, photo documenting-wise, to the Wichita Falls Fantasy of Lights....

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