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Deep Moat Surrounds J.D. Granger's Water Scandals

It was four years ago I blogged about The Confederacy Of Dunces First Public Vote On The Trinity River Vision Boondoggle. I learned this when I was searching for some related subject. I saw the title and could not remember to what I could possibly have been referring regarding a public vote about the Boondoggle.

Recently Elsie Hotpepper gave me reason to try and remember when I first heard from the entity known as Deep Moat, my inside the Trinity River Vision information source, with some of that Deep Moat information being details of J.D. Granger's TRVA office romance, which recently became public knowledge..

Eventually I gave up testing my feeble memory and just resorted to asking Deep Moat. This led me to ascertaining the exact date I learned of J.D. Granger's extramarital affair, via an archived email Deep Moat sent back to me...

From: Deep Moat Informant
To: Durango
Sent: Saturday, October 23, 2010 2:57 PM
Subject: Trinity River Vision

I am your source for all things Trinity River Vision straight from the horse's mouth. I have long felt like emailing you to tell you how much I enjoy reading your sarcasm directed towards the TRVA.  Your blog has been very entertaining to me and it's good to know that someone else is able to see the insanity of the leader, J.D. Granger and his project.  I happen to be... (the remainder of this email has been redacted due to the fact that what has been redacted would reveal the identity of Deep Moat)

 Looking forward to hearing from you,

DMI (Deep Moat Informant)

So, it has been eight years now since I first heard from Deep Moat. And what we then referred to as simply the Trinity River Vision, a cloudy vision which morphed in the years which followed into the Trinity River Central City Panther Island District Vision, and eventually America's Biggest Boondoggle. Ir was via a detailed email from Deep Moat, that same day I first heard from DM, that I learned of J.D. Granger's extramarital office shenanigans.

Of late, the man who many believe is responsible for this relatively simple project becoming a mired Boondoggle, J.D. Granger, has been in the news due to displaying a high level of cluelessness regarding this ongoing embarrassment. Among that which has been Granger news of late is the long obvious nepotism, and the long secret J.D. Granger assignation with one of his employees.

Like I have just indicated, I first learned of J.D. office affair eight years ago. In detail. But felt that this was not something I should be talking about. At that point in time.

But, now, in 2018, J.D. Granger's office affair with his now fiance, Shanna Cate, is public knowledge, and so those details I learned of eight years ago, and since, are now fair game, what with this being just one more reason J.D. Granger needs to be terminated from this job for which it is now so obvious he is not qualified.

J.D. Granger's office affair with one of his employees is a classic case of creating a hostile working environment. When the affair became common knowledge to TRVA employees resentment began to build when J.D.'s girl friend, Shanna, was given favorable treatment, perks, benefits, and trips other TRVA employees did not get.

J.D. Granger's supposed boss, Jim Oliver, who runs the TRVA parent TRWD agency, has claimed he had no knowledge of J.D.'s office affair til two years ago. And that when he learned of it he initiated the process of removing Shanna Cate from being "under" J.D. Granger.

Granger spoke of this in his controversial interview with NBC TV. Some of the NBC TV article's references to J.D. and the Shanna Cate affair....

NBC 5 Investigates recently reported that J.D. Granger, head of the Trinity River Vision Authority, is also engaged to an employee on the Panther Island project, Shanna Cate, who helps him develop the island and manage community events.

Granger said there are plans to separate his work from hers when the TRVA eventually launches a nonprofit, headed by Cate, to manage the community events. A nonprofit would also provide tax advantages to the agency.

"It's anticipated that she's going to have her own nonprofit over there," he said, adding, "She can run those events because she just runs them very, very well."

Initial steps have been taken to incorporate such a nonprofit, selecting the name "Panther Island Initiative," even though the water district's board of directors has yet to vote on whether to create such a group.

Let's see what Deep Moat had to say, EIGHT years ago, about J.D. Granger and his then girl friend's Trinity River Vision party planning initiative....

When I first heard of the plan to have river float beer parties I couldn't help laughing out loud. Between me and you, all those people in that office do is: sleep in, drink, play golf, eat expensive lunches, drink, eat expensive dinners, name drop, meetings, meetings, meetings, business trips, expensive dinners, happy hours, more drinks, rinse and repeat...I wish you could blog about some of these things,

Well, way back in 2010 I did not feel comfortable blogging about something like J.D. Granger's office affair with an underling. I shared the info with others, such as Elsie Hotpepper, but I have no recollection way back then of even hinting at this affair.

In the same email in which Deep Moat revealed specific details of J.D. Granger's office affair other details of Trinity River Vision questionable practices were made mention of, which should aggravate those paying J.D.'s salaries and footing the bill for this....

Other things that piss me off are all of the outrageous salaries, trips, computers, cell phones, free downtown valet parking for work...In fact one of their old receptionists was allowed a company car because she didn't have transportation.  I am flabbergasted how overpaid everyone is.  

Flabbergasted by the salaries way back in 2010? I've not heard from Deep Most what DM's opinion is of the current 213K annual Granger salary, or that of his girl friend. Or the other TRVA/TRWD nepotism beneficiaries.

Let's end this edition of talking about the Granger Water(gate) Scandal with a few more words from Deep Moat...

Also, I am curious--what got your river vision rant started?  I know those in the office have mentioned your blog before, in fact a while back, someone said they thought you were a facebook friend of JD.  Oh--and that facebook picture of JD is genius!  Why would someone in his position post such a picture. The stories I could tell you about that guy. I used to think he was alright, but time has proven me wrong.

Eight year old words from Deep Moat is causing me to think it might be interesting to detail what it is which has caused me to be appalled for a long, long time, by what has become America's Biggest Boondoggle. Perhaps I will elaborate on that soon....

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