Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Ice Skating With Santa On Ruby & Theo's 8th Happy Birthday

According to my sometimes reliable sources December 17 is the happy birthday of my favorite twins, my one and only niece, Ruby, and my one and only Theo nephew.

The twins are now 8 years old.

The twins happy birthday events took place this past weekend.

Those happy birthday events included swimming at the pool where they learned to swim.

And going ice skating at something called Sprinkler, an ice rink in the Tacoma suburb called Spanaway.

Or is Spanaway a Seattle suburb? I don't remember.

In addition to ice skating the Sprinkler happy birthday party included a pancake breakfast with Santa in attendance.

The twins and big brother, David, felt this Santa had total North Pole Santa credentials, due to his icy appearance at an ice rink.

That and because when Theo's friend, who is also named Theo, had his visit with Santa, the man in red with the big white beard informed Theo #2 that he would be losing a tooth that very same day.

Soon thereafter Theo #2's loose tooth came out, thus seeming to give this Santa super Santa powers.

Below we are looking at Theo, David and Ruby having an intense talk with that aforementioned future telling Santa. Did Santa tell the twins and David that their favorite uncle might be visiting them some time in the coming year?

Below we are looking at my all time favorite Santa Claus photo, from, I would estimate, around five or six years ago, with Ruby and Theo not enjoying the Santa visit, whilst an amused David looks away.

Back from looking at Santa's past to this past weekend.

I assumed the Spanaway Sprinkler ice rink is an indoor rink, but those snow flakes Ruby appears to be skating with would seem to indicate this is an outdoor ice rink. Except, I do not believe the Western Washington Puget Sound lowlands have had any snow falling yet this snowy time of the year.

I only remember trying to ice skate once. It did not go well. Years later I mastered the art of roller blading. I wonder if being able to roller blade translates into a successful ice skating experience. I may never know...

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