Friday, December 7, 2018

Video Documenting Baby Henry Saying Hi To Grandpa Jake

Incoming on my phone last night. Video sent from Arizona, I think, of Spencer Jack's cousin, Henry, first born of Spencer Jack's Uncle Joey, who is also my Nephew Joey, usually referred to as Favorite Nephew Joey, or Favorite Joey Nephew, or FNJ2, because FNJ1 is Favorite Nephew Jason.

In the video Henry eventually says "hi" to his Grandpa Jake, who is also my little brother.

At the same time this video arrived via the phone, a separate text message about Henry, also arrived, with that text message coming from Henry's oldest aunt, who also is my oldest sister named Nancy.

Old Sister Nancy's text message said, "Henry was running, too! That was too cute...."

While the video was sent from Arizona, I am assuming Henry is in Washington, in his abode in the Skagit Valley village of Clear Lake.

I may be wrong in this assumption...

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