Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas From Foggy North Texas

For Merry Christmas illustrative purposes I threw a few Christmas cards on the floor and took a photo of the result.

Merry Christmas...

That baby in red you see at the lower left is Henry. Born September 26, 2018. An easy birthday to remember because it is the same birthday as Henry's grandpa, who is also my little brother, Jake.

That is Henry's dad and mom you see below him, my favorite nephew Joey and my one and only favorite niece-in-law, Monique.

At the upper right you are looking at my favorite nephew, Christopher, also known as CJ, with Carissa, who one day may be my favorite niece-in-law Carissa. On the left side of CJ and Carissa's Merry Christmas you are seeing their baby boy, Koda.

Koda is Carissa's service dog, whose service is to help with Carissa's anxiety disorder which kicks in whenever Carissa gets on board an airplane. So, Koda joined CJ and Carissa's Happy Holiday Southwest Airline flight to Seattle. I do not know if Koda gets his own seat or stays in his container on the plane's floor.

CJ and Carissa have two other children who did not get to fly to Washington for Christmas, Bear and Munchie.

The cutest cats I have ever met.

Bear and Munchie are staying with their grandma and grandpa while their parental units are up north. Bear and Munchie's grandma and grandpa are my little sister, Jackie, and her first husband, Jack.

Christmas morning in North Texas is foggy.

Dense fog of the seriously compromised visibility type dense fog. I am hoping the fog lifts by the time the sun exits tonight so I can take a tour of the Wichita Falls Beverly Hills Christmas lights.

Merry Christmas....

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