Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Melancholy Merry Christmas From Lynden

This Christmas afternoon photos arrived via my phone which lead me to think Spencer Jack took his dad up to Lynden today. Or Spencer Jack's dad took himself to Lynden, to Lynden's Monumenta Cemetery.

First Jason sent me one photo showing a cluster of headstones. But, I could not make them out clearly, via the phone. At that point in time I figured when I got the photos off the phone and on my computer I would be able to see clearly what I was seeing.

And then a couple minutes after Jason's first photo another one arrived, this time from Jason's dad, who is also my little brother. That is that photo you see above, slightly cropped.

My brother and I discussed this headstone when I was last in Arizona, in October. I did not know the process was completed and installed.

This feels like some sorta closure, to me. It bothered me and my siblings and Jason back on August 12, 2017, when we left dad in what was then an unmarked grave.

In October my brother had about a dozen epitaph choices he had come up with. I did not know which one was the final decision, til I saw the result today. I did know that none of the more, well, humorous choices were going to be chosen.

It's a Melancholy Merry Christmas...

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