Monday, December 3, 2018

Visiting Prairie Dog Survivors Before Climbing Mount Wichita

What with not being in the mood to need to layer on multiple layers of outerwear sufficient for a not too cold bike ride, yet feeling the need for some aerobically induced endorphins, I opted to use my mechanized motion device to roll to the base of Mount Wichita on this 3rd day of the last month of 2018.

By the time I found myself at the base of Mount Wichita, looking up at the summit, the trek looked arduous, and beyond my current low energy ebb.

But, I bucked it up and lifted one foot ahead of the other, slowly making my way to the windy summit, where, for a minute I enjoyed the 360 degree view of flat surrounding scenic nothingness. Well, there is a lake, well, reservoir, at the base of this tallest mountain rising high above sea level at the mostly flat part of the planet.

A lake, and those puffy white clouds blotting out large parts of the bright blue sky are sort of scenic.

On the way to Mount Wichita I opted to make a quick visit to the Wichita Falls Prairie Dog Town. I had not visited since tragedy struck the prairie dogs in virtual genocide mode.

Or would that be dogicide?

Mass prairie dog murder, including babies, when someone who should have said no said yes to bulldozing the Wichita Falls Prairie Dog Town. This done ostensibly to control the out of control population.

And to build a better town, with a stronger wall.

We blogged about this way back in March of 2018 in a blogging titled Wichita Falls Prairie Dog Town Bulldozed After Border Wall Destroyed.

I saw a few prairie dogs today, brave survivors of the destruction. The new border wall does look nicer than the old bulldozed one....

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