Saturday, December 8, 2018

Saturday Snow White Out In Wichita Falls Not Yet A Blizzard

Saturday morning.

Inside it is not all that delightful, but outside it is absolutely frightful, stop the snow, stop the snow, stop the snow.

I planned to venture to downtown Wichita Falls this morning to the library to return a bag of books and then refill the empty bag with new books.

But the predicted possible snow with possible freezing conditions are no long a possibility, freezing conditions with snow are now a frightful reality.

Just look at what my dormant bike handlebars are looking at from their patio perch. A road slickly covered in white.

I have not ventured outside, other than for photo taking purposes, and that was done without actual exposure to the falling snow or the frozen ground. To get to ground level I have to negotiate stairs.

They are not as treacherous as the stairs I used to have to negotiate to get to ground level during heavy snow in my old Mount Vernon, Washington location.

Let me see if I can find the webpage I made years ago of my old home location in Mount Vernon.

Found it.

Click Found it and scroll to the bottom and you will see multiple photos documenting the worst, or best (depending on ones point of view) snow accumulation I ever experienced whilst living in the Puget Sound lowlands zone of Western Washington. This lasted for about a week, leaving me stranded, what with the exit road being a steep cul-de-sac. This turned my neighborhood into a winter wonderland of sledding.

And cross country skiing. I recollect making my way on my cross country skis all the way up Waugh Road. Then going downhill at high speed all the way to College Way. Those familiar with the Thunderbird zone of Mount Vernon will get how adventurous such was. And now, years later, looking back on it, I am appalled I did something so fraught with the possibility of something going dire wrong.

I won't be going to do any cross country skiing on Mount Wichita today. First off I don't think the accumulation of the white stuff will be sufficient for such an activity. And, second off, I threw my cross country skis away when I moved to Wichita Falls after I discovered the skis had de-laminated after spending too much time being stored outside where the temperature regularly reached frightfully HOT temperatures.

Coming up on 10 the snow still falls. If relief comes by 11 I may risk venturing top the library...

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