Thursday, December 13, 2018

J.D. Granger Trinity River Vision Job Termination Long Overdue

A day or two ago Elsie Hotpepper asked me a question which caused me to remember a notorious J.D. Granger embarrassment which happened several years ago, with that embarrassment being so embarrassing that way back then the incident brought demands that J.D. Granger be removed from his executive director job mis-directing the Trinity River Vision Authority, which even then had already morphed into being America's Biggest Boondoggle.

In this embarrassment J.D. Granger had his kids holding signs cheering for beer and saying they were going nuts for runner's butts.

I know, hard to believe, but totally true.

We documented this absurdity in This Morning I Learned J.D. Granger Is Promoting Little Kids Cheering For Beer & Going Nuts For Runner's Butts.

That particular blog post generated multiple comments opinionizing about this J.D. Granger embarrassment....

LandslideClyde said...The taxpayers happily pay JD $140,000 a year (that's what it was in 2009. Probably twice that now) for his fun and games with public money. This is one time that the axiom "you get what you pay for" is baloney.

Anonymous said...Sorry not sorry or the Twitter hashtag #sorrynotsorry is the Trinity River Vision's answer to criticism. Seriously.

Anonymous said...A blog out of Wise County called Liberally Lean From The Land of Dairy Queen picked up this article from you and posted it.

Anonymous said...I'm a reporter at FOX 4, and had some questions about this post, and the picture. Would love to talk to the blog author. Can you call me? 817-336-xxxx. Thanks. Brandon Todd

Anonymous said..."Don't poop your pants, or do. We don't judge"?????? Fits in perfectly with the clueless crowd that hops into a tube down at Fecal Beach! Unbelievable! How do you like what TRV has brought us so far? Worth the financial drain? Worth the forfeiture of property? Any reference to "peeing" should be about what method they have chosen to do away with our treasure!

 Anonymous said...Does Child Protective Services exist in Texas? If so these morons should be reported to protect those kids.

Beth A. said...You are correct, Durango, this should be grounds for termination. Those poor kids are being used. Can't find anything about these signs anywhere else. Hope it gets more coverage and Granger gets some heat. Thanks.

cd0103 said...What is funny is I FB tagged you in this article before I opened it (post on Jeff Prince' page). Then I read it and you were quoted. Cracks me up. Keep up the good fight my friend.

Durango said...CD-----I just read the Jeff Prince Fort Worth Weekly post. Thought to myself, did I say that? I guess I must have....

Anonymous said...Would love to speak to you about this post. I am blog "gatekeeper" for Mark Greene's Congressional campaign. I also handle media.

The J.D. Granger kids with signs embarrassment happened over four years ago. Demands that he be removed from the job, for which it is now undeniable he is unqualified, have amped up.

The Fort Worth Business Press recently weighed in warning that this ongoing scandal is now on the verge of turning Fort Worth into a national joke in Watch out River Vision, the world is watching.

That article generated yet one more comment calling for the removal of J.D. Granger...

kafcampbell said...Fort Worth Business Press, thank you for continuing to shine a light on the Panther Island boondoggle. JD Granger has outlived his usefulness, if he ever had any. His relationship with Rep Granger is a detriment at this point. He can best serve Fort Worth, what's left of the Panther Island project and Congress by resigning and taking the taint of nepotism out of the picture. That's a lot of salary to give up, though. I don't see it happening. Also, Water District, open up to scrutiny. Sheesh, you'd think they were the NSA...

I would have thought J.D.'s long past due job termination would would have finally resulted from recent revelations, learned via emails between J.D. and his mother, Kay Granger.
Revelations which revealed J.D.'s interference in the bridge's design.

J.D's clueless inept interference came after the Army Corps of Engineers approved of the West 7th Street Bridge design for the Boondoggle's three simple bridges.

With the Army Corps plan including federal funds paying for the bridges, and which indicated the bridges would be built in a timely fashion, long ago completed, unlike J.D. Granger's V-pier bridge design debacle, with the three bridges now not expected to be completed until, possibly, maybe, hopefully, in 2020, six years after starting construction.

How this J.D Granger nonsense goes on and on and on is so perplexing.

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