Monday, December 24, 2018

Christmas Eve Lucy Park Discovery Of Donald Trump Duck

Midday Christmas Eve I found myself at Lucy Park, joining others out and about in park mode enjoying the brisk breeze.

Today I decided to be brave and once again attempt to walk the paved trail which winds around the Lucy Park duck pond.

My previous experience at this location was not pleasant. The duck pond had been taken over by geese. And these were not the friendly type geese I play with at Sikes Lake.

The Lucy Park duck pond geese were an aggressive breed, honking and chasing with multiple goosing attempts. Til you have been goosed by a goose you do not know how painful those biting goose beaks can be. I was goosed decades ago in a Washington raspberry field. It was a traumatic incident which left me with a fear of geese which has only abated in recent years, thanks, mostly, to the friendly Sikes Lake geese herd, I mean flock.

In the above photo you are looking at an elderly gentleman who did not realize that bridge he was crossing moved up and down and sideways. There is a warning sign on the post on the right which says "AUTION ON SUSPENSION BRIDGE". With the warning sign missing its "C" the elderly gentleman had no useful warning that crossing the bridge was a bit challenging.

The only geese are I saw today in the Lucy Park duck pond were the pair you see above. I have never heard such loud goose honks as this pair were blaring. I don't know if the honking was directed at me for getting too close. Or directed at the flock of ducks in the pond.

Then I saw something which made me think they might be Democrat geese. Or illegal alien geese.

That something which I saw which the geese may have been honking at was the white duck you see above which appears to be sporting a duck version, in white, of Donald Trump's bizarre hairstyle. The white duck is also sporting an orange duckbill in Trump's signature color.

Above you see a scene which gives you a good idea how scenic the Lucy Park duck pond is. And what is up with all the Japanese pagoda looking structures one sees in Lucy Park, and at other locations in Wichita Falls?

A short distance from the duck pond I saw a sign of a sort I'd never seen before. So, now you know where to go to dispose of your Xmas tree....

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