Wednesday, December 26, 2018

David, Theo & Ruby Christmas Trolling Gasworks In Seattle

This morning after Christmas I woke up my computer and saw more Christmas incoming photos, sent last night, after I had called it a Christmas day and had gone into horizontal mode.

The email was from one of David, Theo and Ruby's maternal parental units, my little sister, Michele.

Subject line: Merry Xmas

Text in the email...

Despite your long absence from the PNW, I feel confident that you’ll know where we played on this Xmas afternoon without me captioning the photos.

PNW means Pacific Northwest, for those who do not know this. And it has not been all that long an absence from the PNW. I was in the PNW for a week during August of 2017. Of late it has become known I am losing memory of some place names. Such as not remembering where Chambers Bay is. Or that Shelter Bay is associated with La Conner, whilst Skyline is associated with Anacortes.

Continuing on with the David, Theo and Ruby Xmas photos....

At the top I am able to determine that David, Theo and Ruby are in Seattle, at Gasworks Park at the north end of Lake Union. You are looking south across Lake Union at the skyline of downtown Seattle, with the Amazon cluster of buildings being between the tall skyscrapers and the slightly shorter Amazon skyscrapers. That skinny thing sticking up on the right is the Space Needle. I do not know why it is looking so skinny.

In the second photo Ruby is running down one of the hills of Gasworks Park.

I do not know what the trio have in their hands in the above photo. But, I do know they are inside the restored ruins of the original Gasworks, which long ago were turned into a sort of playground.

I was last inside the Gasworks back in the early 1990s. That location was the end point for a marathon in which my Aunt Mike ran. Aunt Mike was my mom's now deceased little sister. On that day a hellacious rainstorm hit the PNW. A day later this resulted in the sinking of the I-90 Lake Washington floating bridge.

Continuing on we leave Gasworks and head over to the Independent State of Fremont, which declared its independence at some point in the last century. Fremont has a few relics of the old Soviet Union. Such as a Lenin statue, if I remember correctly. And a J/P. Patches statue. J.P. had nothing to do with the old Soviet Union. Fremont is very eclectic that way.

Above David, Ruby and Theo are climbing on the Fremont Troll. The Fremont Troll lives under the Aurora Bridge.

I did not know, til I saw photo documentation of Theo doing so, that one could climb to the top of the Fremont Troll. When the Fremont Troll first appeared it had a Volkswagen bug under its thumb. I do not know if that is still the case.

The Fremont Troll is so infamous there is a Fremont Troll Wikipedia article.

Well, it looks like the twins and David had themselves a mighty fine Christmas....

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