Friday, December 28, 2018

Nephew Theo Takes Over Washington Governor Seat

This morning's email brought some new photos from my old home state of Washington.

Apparently yesterday David, Theo and Ruby took their parental units to Olympia, where their mother, my little sister, Michele, helps the state investigate complaints about judges and prosecutors.

I have long wondered if Texas has someone doing similar investigating.

I suspect not.

Because of what I have seen of Texas judges, in person, the state dire needs someone doing such.

Starting with any judge stupid enough to have any sort of Tea Party association.

Regarding the photo above, can you find David, Theo and Ruby looking at you with the Washington State Capitol building behind them?

Washington's current governor, Jay Inslee, temporarily gave up his governor's seat so Theo could sit on it.

After seeing what it felt like to sit like a governor Theo determined that it was time to go to a beach so he could drive his new truck.

And so it was to north of downtown Olympia Theo directed his driver, to Priest Point Park on the Budd Inlet of Puget Sound.

In the above photo documentation Theo has remotely driven his truck to water's edge. Is his truck waterproof? I don't know.

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