Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Puget Sound Island Panic Attacks With David, Theo & Ruby

Last night my favorite Tacoma nephews and niece, David, Theo and Ruby, sent me photo documentation of their Christmas Eve day in balmy, blue Western Washington.

The twins and David took their parental units to a south Puget Sound location called Chambers Bay.

I have heard the name "Chambers Bay" but I have no recollection of ever being at this particular location.

People in Fort Worth reading this. Those land areas you see rising above the bay, behind David, Theo and Ruby are called islands. Real islands. Not imaginary make believe islands. These are real islands, with real names, like Anderson Island and Ketron Island. Not chunks of landlocked land called something like Panther Island, called such way before any cement lined ditch is dug, with polluted water diverted into that ditch, creating an imaginary make believe island.

Now, back to Ruby, David and Theo...

The weekend before Christmas, David, Theo and Ruby took their parental units are their regularly scheduled annual pre-Christmas stay in a hotel in downtown Seattle. Part of this annual pre-Christmas Seattle stay is to go see Santa. I think the Santa they go see is in whatever is in the building the Bon Marche used to be in. I am probably remembering wrong, but I think the Bon was taken over by Macy's.

It was an annual tradition whilst I was David, Theo and Ruby's age for mom and dad to take us kids to Seattle to go to the Bon Marche's Christmas floor. We'd park high up in a parking garage. Access to the Bon Marche from the parking garage was via a sky bridge high above the street below.

I believe the above photo was taken in the pool of the hotel the twins and David were staying in. The only text with this photo was in the subject line, saying "Only funny if you know my kids".

I replied asking "Rescuing David from on of his panic attacks?"

To which their parental unit, my little sister, Michele, said "Ruby causing his panic attack by putting her arm around him for a photo".

So, I was close to getting it right. If you have ever watched the CBS sitcom Young Sheldon you have sort of met David.

My favorite David being Young Sheldon incident happened in August of 2017, at Birch Bay, when David had a panic attack in a low tide pool after his brother, Theo, and uncle Jake picked up a dungeness crab, which paralyzed David when he saw it with the instant fear that dozens of crabs were in the water waiting to claw him. David began demanding he be rescued from his impending doom, as he was paralyzed, afraid to move, lest he come upon a crab.

If I remember right I let David panic for several minutes before lifting him to safety on a sand bar....

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