Thursday, June 7, 2018

Wichita Falls Sunbathing With Turtles At Sikes Lake Bayou

I always find the spot on Sikes Lake I call the Sikes Bayou to be a bucolic stop when I find myself rolling my wheels at this location.

Today the ducks and geese were out in full force, including multiple ducklings following their mama duck.

I was intending to photo document the ducklings on my second trip around the lake, but they were no longer making an appearance at that point in time.

In the photo documentation I did manage to document some geese flocking to the left of my handlebars. To the right, on that small sandbar glowing golden in the sun, there were two large turtles sunbathing when first I stopped.

When the sunbathing turtles heard my camera make its turning on noise they panicked and dove into the bayou.

Today marked the first time I have seen turtles in Sikes Lake. There were two other turtle instances addition to the pair I caught sunbathing.

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