Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Wichita Falls Sikes Lake Goose Trap Video

I did not roll my bike's wheels yesterday. And likely will not roll my bike's wheels tomorrow, due to rolling my motorized wheels to the Dallas/Fort Worth zone whilst leaving my bike at home. At least, that is the current plan.

Today's long roll of my bike's wheels took me eventually to Sikes Lake where the geese were in a stubborn mood. I think I have mentioned previously that it appears the Sikes Lake geese are getting militant.

Before I got to the goose blockade you see above I had been granted passage by a smaller group. When I got off my bike to take the picture you see above of that goose blockade, I turned around to take the picture you see below, in which it would appear the geese have conspired to trap me.

When I switched my camera to video mode the geese quickly listened to reason when I asked if they really wanted their stubborn behavior documented on YouTube. After about a minute of a honking conference the geese decided to let me pass through, begrudgingly.

If you watch the video you will not be able to make out much of my commentary due to the fact that a strong wind was once again blowing. I think it was that strong wind and the resulting waves which had most of the Sikes Lake goose population being landlubbers today.

I am almost 100% certain tomorrow's lunch in the D/FW zone will take place around one in Fort Worth in the Stockyards zone, at Esperanza's, the location of my favorite chili cheese relleno. Or maybe it will be the Tandoor Indian buffet in Arlington. I'm flexible...

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