Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Circumventing Geese Guards Seeing What Is Live At Sikes Lake

It is a year ago, give or take a day or two, since I made the mistake of driving to Arizona instead of doing the sensible thing by winging it.

At that point in time I had not yet learned how easy it is to fly out of the tiny Wichita Falls solo terminal airport.

In the year since driving to Arizona I have flown to Arizona multiple times, and will be doing so again sometime in July after the 4th.

On the year ago drive to Arizona on the second day of that roadtrip I found myself totally traumatized about 10 miles east of Flagstaff when my vehicle decided to come to an unwanted stop. That was one long day, eventually finally able to relax when my little brother successfully guided me to his place in Scottsdale.

Oh, I forgot what I was blogging about before I diverted down bad memory lane.

So, today I rolled my bike's wheels to Sikes Lake. The geese there are always up to something. Today's strange behavior consisted of most of the geese being in the lake in flocks of various sizes, all floating along in a single file. The biggest flock had several dozen in the single file formation. Was it something about today's weather which caused this behavior?

And then when I got to the location of the above sign a flock of four geese were among the few not in the lake. This flock of four was arranged like guards across the sidewalk. They honked menacingly in unison when I rolled towards them. They did not act as if they were gonna do the usual backing off thing, so I opted to go around this hissing honkers to make my way to a spot where I could read the sign.

The sign was an informational type deal informing those who want to know of the 2018 concert schedule of Live on the Lake.

Three of this year's concerts are already history, including the May 24 Live at the Lake concert which I accidented upon on that date and blogged about it in Rockin' Sikes Lake At Wichita Falls MSU Priddy Pavilion.

It was the Jay Hollis Band I came upon on May 24.

On May 10 I missed Cousin Fuzzy.

On June 7 I missed WFSO presents Gypsy Cattle Drive. I am guessing WFSO is Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra. I did not know this town had such a thing. I have no idea what Gypsy Cattle Drive is.

Coming up on June 21 I can roll my wheels to see Walkin Johnny.

On July 12 the James Cook Band will be making music at Sikes Lake, and on July 26 it will be Rock, Paper, Scissors.

It is highly unlikely I will be hearing and seeing the James Cook Band or Rock, Paper, Scissors, because at that point in time I will be in Arizona...

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