Thursday, June 21, 2018

Summer Arrival Mountain Biking Mount Wichita Summit

Yesterday rain dampened my enthusiasm for rolling my bike wheels anywhere.

Dodging drops running from Walmart to my motorized method of motion seemed sufficient aerobic stimulation yesterday.

That and when I returned from Walmart to find my home location dry, with nothing wet being delivered from the massive black cloud I had been under a short distance to the west, I opted to go for a short walk on the Circle Trail, phone in hand, so as to call my mom to remind her to go to the airport to pick up David, Theo and Ruby, arriving from Sea-Tac to Sky Harbor.

So, today, which may be the first day of summer, though yesterday my mom told me yesterday was the first day of summer, on this first or second day of summer, with nothing wet falling from above, I took my bike's wheels on a long roll.

Eventually I reached the mountainous spot you see above, with my bike's handlebars aimed at the summit of Mount Wichita.

What with my bike being a mountain bike and Mount Wichita sort of passing for a mountain I debated whether or not to try pedaling up Mount Wichita.

Well, above we are looking southeast from the summit of Mount Wichita. If this photo were in full sized mode you might be able to make out my bike at the base of the trail which I did not pedal up. I used the more primitive method of mountain climbing.

I hiked to the summit.

Mount Wichita is much too steep to use a bike to reach its summit.

I was not long at the summit today, due to it being infested with a swarm of flies, I hope I did not stay summit bound long enough to get bug bit. So far I see no signs of such...

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