Friday, June 8, 2018

Unpredicted Storm Wreaks Foliage Havoc On Wichita Falls Circle Trail

Yesterday, soon after the sun finished its daily lighting duty, rain began to drip, even though such a phenomenon had not been predicted by those who predict such things.

Soon after the rain began to drip it went into downpour mode.

And then wind began to blow.

And blow.

And blow stronger.

And then lightning began striking, with thunder booming, though not too close.

This storm lasted a couple hours.

When the sun returned this morning to begin its daily lighting duty the havoc wreaked by last night's storm became visible. As in a plethora of garbage receptacles had been moved to new locations, set on their sides, and emptied of their contents.

Multiple instances of foliage separated by wind from tree and bush littered the landscape.

And then, a few hours after sunrise I rolled my bike on the Circle Trail to Lake Wichita. As I neared Mount Wichita I suddenly had the need to pull the brake levers because the wind had blown a tree on to the Circle Trail.

It was not too difficult to get around the windfall, first making sure no incoming traffic was coming in from the opposite direction, what with seeing such made difficult by the windfall blockage.

After so much rain downpouring I expected to be seeing Holliday Creek in rampage rapid mode today. And copious amounts of water spilling over the Lake Wichita Dam Spillway.

Instead, judging by the calm creek and the dry spillway one would think no rain fell last night.

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