Thursday, June 14, 2018

Jones Boys B-EHS Graduation With Mom & Dad In Burlington

A day or two ago I did a rare check-in on one of the online news sources sourcing news in my old home location of the Skagit Valley.

On that news source I saw that which you see here, a blurb from a graduation speech at one of the high schools in the Skagit Valley.

I thought in these troubled times this excerpt from this speech was repeat worthy...

"Even though there are 7.6 billion people across the globe, 122,000 residents in Skagit County, 1,048 students at B-EHS, and 226 graduates sitting among you this evening, it’s easy to feel alone. You’re not. You are not alone."

B-EHS, also known as Burlington Edison High School, was the high school from which I graduated way back in the previous century. I was sort of surprised to read there are now 1,048 students at B-EHS. And that 226 graduated this year.

I was surprised to learn the school had grown that much since I matriculated there. Then again, it has been so long I don't know if I accurately remember how big the school was. Seems like our graduating class had about 170, give or take.

I long ago lost my high school annuals, so I have no way of counting.

Mention was made in that graduation speech blurb of the population of Skagit County. 122,000 sounds like about the same population as when I was still residing in that county.

I think the last B-EHS graduation I attended was when David, Theo and Ruby's mom graduated and gave one of the graduation speeches. I do not remember any blurbs from my little sister's graduation speech. I do remember the graduation was held in the Skagit Valley College auditorium, in Mount Vernon, because the B-EHS venues at that time were too small to accommodate a graduation.

Ooops. Just remembered. I have been to a B=EHS graduation since my little sister's.

I went to Spencer Jack's dad's graduation. It was held in Burlington, on the football field. We sat in the visitor's grandstand. I think I have photos of the post graduation party from that day, with that party held in the backyard of the house I grew up in in Burlington. Let me see if I can find the photos on this computer.

Okay, it took some hunting, but I found the photos I was seeking on another computer, including some I don't remember taking, such as a close up of my favorite nephew Jason in graduation mode...

I do not remember the weather being threatening for this outdoor graduation ceremony, but the above photo makes it appear such was the case.

For those of you reading this in Texas, those things in the background are mountains, well, actually known as foothills of the Cascade Mountains. In Texas these hills would qualify as mountains.

And then we have all the Jones Boys in that aforementioned backyard of the house I grew up in in Burlington. That would be Spencer Jack's grandpa, my favorite brother Jake on the left, next to Jason, then me, then Spencer Jack's uncle, my favorite nephew Joey.

And Jason with Grandma and Grandpa Jones, also known as Shirley and Jack. Mom and dad are looking happy in this photo. And young. It does not seem all that long ago. But it was in the final decade of the previous century the above photo was taken.

I was riding my bike today, and at the point where I was rolling through the MSU campus my phone rang. I managed to get the phone out of its holder whilst still rolling, and answered. It was Nurse Canecracker calling from a location in the aforementioned Mount Vernon.

The call went screwy. Nurse Canecracker called back. It went screwy again. And then on the third try I was stopped in the shade near the MSU fountain, sat on a bench and had a long talk with my favorite nurse.

Nurse Canecracker is going to be in Arizona for a long weekend at the same time I am there in October. I last saw Nurse Canecracker last summer, in August, when she and Betty Jo Bouvier drove up to Birch Bay to take me out to lunch.

Yesterday I booked a flight to Arizona, leaving Texas July 7, returning July 21.

I think the October return to Arizona will be via mechanized personal transport. Backroads to Phoenix....

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