Friday, June 29, 2018

Another 100 Degree Wichita Falls Day With Lily Pads

I do not remember any 100 degree days last summer in Texas. I do remember multiple 100 degree plus days in Arizona last summer. And late last spring.

This year, before summer even made its arrival we went over 100 at my Texas location.

And in May I got blasted over 100 in Arizona. If I remember right it was a record breaking 105 one day in May in the Valley of the Sun.

On Wednesday, when I drove to the DFW zone, I stupidly turned my A/C off. The temperature that day reached 107 according to one of my heat measuring devices. When I re-entered my abode, some time after 5 in the afternoon, the interior temperature was 93. It took awhile for the air condition to condition the air to a comfortable level of cool.

Today is another day where we are scheduled to go over 100. Around 11 this morning, when the air was still relatively cool, at 90, and with a strong wind blowing, I opted to roll my wheels on the Circle Trail to Lake Wichita.

The past few times when I have rolled to Lake Wichita I have noticed lily pads popping up in a creek which feeds into Lake Wichita.

Today those lily pads had greatly increased in numbers, and a couple of them were spouting lilies.

In the above photo you see my handlebars looking at some of those aforementioned lily pads. The handlebars are on the bridge the Circle Trail crosses soon after it leaves the top of Lake Wichita Dam.

The blooming lily pad is too small to see clearly in the above photo. Let's zoom in for a closer look.

I have zero clue regarding the botanical facts regarding lily pads. As in what causes them to suddenly be so prolific? Is this sprouting of so many lily pads indicative of the relative purity of the water from which they are sprouting?

Or do lily pads thrive in relatively polluted water?

I suspect lily pads do not thrive in polluted water. I have never seen a lily pad adding color to the Trinity River as it slogs its way through Fort Worth...

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