Saturday, June 30, 2018

Families Belong Together Protesters March Across America Including Mount Vernon

That which you see above showed up a few minutes ago on Facebook.

Apparently my old home zone of Mount Vernon was one of the 700 some American cites where protest marchers marched today.

The Texas town I am currently in, Wichita Falls, did not have a protest march today, that I know of. However, tonight there will be a candlelight vigil type protest in Lucy Park protesting the sad state our sad nation has sunk to.

Treating asylum seekers like criminals.

Kidnapping babies and children from their parental units and then keeping them in cages, with apparently no record keeping keeping a record of what baby belongs to what parent. Or where the baby is being caged.

I have not heard from anyone in the Skagit Valley today, so I don't know if I know anyone who was protesting in downtown Mount Vernon. I suspect Nurse Canecraker was likely there, possibly along with Betty Jo Bouvier, Honey Lulu and Maxine.

Spencer Jack and his dad were likely busy today in their Anacortes restaurant and thus unable to protest.

Mount Vernon has a long protest history, going all the way back to the Vietnam War. During that war a group of peace protesters assembled every Wednesday at noon at the Skagit Valley Courthouse, pretty much the same location as those protesters you see in the above photo.

Those Skagit Valley Peaceniks kept up the Wednesday vigils after the end of the Vietnam War, with the protest morphing into an ongoing protest against the military industrial complex and the resulting war machine.

I do not know from personal observation if the Skagit Valley Wednesday Courthouse Protests continued into this century. But I suspect they have, what with America being pretty much at perpetual war, to various degrees, this entire century.

I do not think I will go to Lucy Park for tonight's candlelight vigil. Bug biters, like mosquitoes, are out in full force at that time of the day...

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