Sunday, June 10, 2018

Is Mount Wichita Lake Wichita Beach Revitalization Underway?

A week or so ago I was Rolling Wheels To Lake Wichita to See a Big Caterpillar Dredging Lake Sludge, finding myself perplexed, wondering why a big piece of heavy excavating equipment was scooping out mud from the shore of Lake Wichita, with that mud being deposited in dump trucks to be hauled who knows where.

And now, this Sunday morning of June 10, rolling my wheels once again to Lake Wichita I find the Caterpillar and dump trucks gone.

And in their wake the Caterpillar and dump trucks appear have left behind what looks to be a beach in the making.

Above you see my bike parked at the Lake Wichita homage to a Flying Fish, on the west end of the new"beach" looking east.

And above we have headed east a short distance for a look west at the new Lake Wichita "beach".

At this location Mount Wichita hovers over the landscape to the right, or north of this location.

Seeing this possible "beach" in the making has me wondering if this is an early stage in the planned Revitalization of Lake Wichita.

I loaned of the plan to revitalize Lake Wichita soon upon my arrival in Wichita Falls. One could hardly miss knowing about such due to the multiple signs cheerleading the effort.

On those cheerleading signs one sees a link to a Support Lake Wichita website. On that website I learned, when I first perused it, that the plan to revitalize Lake Wichita was supposedly supposed to get underway by 2018.

However, I had not made note of much revitalizing underway until I saw this possible "beach" building.

The above illustrative graphic was gleaned from that aforementioned Support Lake Wichita website, illustrating what the revitalized Lake Wichita beach, at the location we have been looking at, may look like if the lake ever does get revitalized.

So, is what that Caterpillar was doing the start of revitalizing this section of Lake Wichita to being an actual sandy beach? With boats? And people in the water?

I hope so. I think the actualized vision of a revitalized Lake Wichita would be a HUGE plus for Wichita Falls and the surrounding area.

If only the majority of the voting locals saw the same revitalized vision...

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