Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mama Duck With Her Ducklings Seek Possible Asylum In Lake Wichita

This morning I saw the mama duck you see here, leading her flock of ducklings south on Holliday Creek, heading towards possible safe asylum  refuge in Lake Wichita.

I hope the mama duck and her ducklings safely make it to refuge without being separated by any sort of lake border enforcer, with the ducklings taken from their mama duck.

Or worse.

One sees many turtles sunning on the shore of Holliday Creek.

Are turtles predators of ducklings?

I hope not.

Years ago, in Mount Vernon, the town in Washington I lived in before being exiled to Texas, I had a couple pet ducks. Those ducks never reproduced. I only had the pet ducks for a short duration. Their job was slug patrol in my garden.

And then one day both ducks were murdered by a neighbor's dog.

Suffice to say, the neighbor's dog was severely punished for murdering my ducks...

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