Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cool Sunday Rolling Lake Wichita Circle Trail With Indians

Yesterday I was way too bloated with blackberry cobbler to give any thought to possibly rolling my bike wheels anywhere.

That and I had other things to do.

And I was in no mood for any additional  excessive high humidity heat exposure.

But this first Sunday morning of June I was in the mood to do some wheel rolling, what with the outer world temperature plummeting overnight to almost winter-like levels in the low 70s.

And with a chilling wind blowing.

So, I headed south on the Circle Trail, well before noon so as to avoid the post-church throngs. Even so I counted almost 50 Circle Trailers this morning, wheeling on various devices, jogging, walking, mountain climbing and fishing.

At the location you see above that is Mount Wichita in the distance, and the shore of Lake Wichita on the left. At this location if one is moving fast and not paying attention and misses the turn one might find oneself rolling into the lake. But I doubt such has happened too often.

At the informational sign atop Lake Wichita Dam today I exchanged pleasantries with a couple Indian natives.

Not Native Americans, natives of the nation Indians are named after.

This had me wondering why there is no Indian restaurant in this town. At least I am not aware of such.

I can't remember when the last time I had myself a mighty fine feeding at an Indian restaurant. But, I do remember where it was. Tandoor in Arlington....

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