Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Reported Mount Wichita Eruption Evidently Fake News

Chelsie Stillwater sent me that which you see here, this morning, and asked...

Is this Mount Wichita erupting?

Well, this sort of looks like Mount Wichita.

Perhaps someone blew up some fireworks atop Mount Wichita with the ignition getting out of control.

But I suspect such is not the case.

Mount Wichita is not an actual volcano, thus not able to erupt in the traditional sense.

Mount Wichita is made of mud sludged from nearby Sikes Lakes.

I suppose a decade or two of lake sludge fermenting could build up some sort of natural gas accumulation which could possibly erupt into some sort of explosion which could sort of emulate a volcano erupting.

If Mount Wichita were actually erupting in the manner we see here I would be able to see the ash plume by looking out the window I am looking out right now.

All I see is an almost clear blue sky. No plume of ash erupting from the one and only nearby semi-mountain.

Running the above image through mountain identification software I was able to determine for certain this is not Mount Wichita erupting.

This is Volcan del Fuego in Guatemala erupting, eventually spewing ash 4 miles into the sky. Some of that ash has fallen as far as Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala. The ash has been so bad that Guatemala City's La Aurora international airport had to shut down its only runway.

Guatemala's president, Jimmy Morales, has activated the Guatemala National Emergency System and is considering declaring a state of emergency in the area of Chimaltenango, Escuintla, and Sacatepequez.

I doubt Wichita Falls' Mount Wichita will ever behave bad enough to cause the U.S. president to declare any sort of state of emergency...

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