Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Biking Lake Wichita Looking Out For Rattlesnakes & Brain Eating Amoeba

I have been trying to amp up my exercise regimen of late so as to prepare myself for the next time I am in Arizona so I can easily hike with my little brother to the summit of Camelback Mountain.

So, this morning I rolled many miles on my non-motorized mode of motion.

I headed south on the Circle Trail, crossed Lake Wichita Dam, also on the Circle Trail, then rolled off the dam, via that same Circle Trail, then got off the Circle Trail on an unpaved gravel trail which circles around the perimeter of Lake Wichita Park.

At the location you see above my handlebars are on that aforementioned unpaved gravel trail. To the left is a murky canal/creek-like waterway which feeds into the wetland marsh zone of Lake Wichita.

Of late the local Wichita Falls Times News Record USA Today tool of information has been informing us of the danger currently presented by the neighborhood rattlesnake population due to the rattlers trying to escape the unexpectedly early high HEAT by seeking cooling venues at unexpected locations, such as a shoe or inside a carport.

A couple days ago the Wichita Falls Times News Record USA Today tool of information also warned of the danger presented by brain eating amoeba which have been found to be living in Wichita Falls area waterways.

I assume those waterways are wet locations such as Lake Wichita, Lake Arrowhead and the Wichita River.

And that canal/creek you see my bike parked by.

What with these new worries to worry about I am extra cautious whilst wheeling where rattlesnakes might be congregating, and brain eating amoeba might be swimming.

So far I have seen nothing slithering whilst rattling or anything amoeba-like swimming...

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