Friday, June 8, 2018

Is This The Long Lost Clancy & Fancy Wedding Photo?

A day or two ago one of my nephews sent me that which you see here, with that nephew telling me what we are seeing here is possibly the wedding photo of his former aunts, Fancy and Clancy.

Which would make that Fancy on the left, with Clancy on the right.

I have not seen Clancy and Fancy in almost a decade, except for an extremely disturbing brief exposure early in 2018 at a concentration camp in Mesa, Arizona, where it appeared inmates, including Clancy and Fancy, were being housed in narrow metal clad edifices, like jail cells with TV and internet connections, and other utilities, such as running water and electricity.

Visiting this incarceration location, myself, and my tour director, easily got past the guard guarding the concentration camp.

Upon locating the location of Clancy and Fancy security went into bizarre alert alarm mode, which soon had both Clancy and Fancy demonstrating the type behavior which has them incarcerated in these type incarcerations, with both demonstrating a level of neurotic paranoia of the sort which results in these type incarcerations.

I have no way of knowing what specific particular bad behavior caused Clancy and Fancy to be housed in this particular Mesa, Arizona concentration camp.

General crimes against humanity, human decency and common sense would be a logical guess, just judging from numerous reports reported over the years, with some personally experienced.

I have trouble believing this is a legit wedding photo of Clancy and Fancy. What with it appearing that Fancy is in some sort of dress. There is no known record of Fancy ever wearing something as fancy as an actual dress.

Close examination of this photo renders it impossible to determine if Clancy is also attired in some sort of dress. There are known historical records of Clancy being attired in a dress, though not in the current century.

UPDATE: It was brought to our attention it has been referencing to Clancy and Fancy as such which has been their excuse for some of their bizarre bad behavior, and that the continued referring to the pair as Clancy and Fancy prohibits any sort of reconciliation with those who refer to the pair as such.

What a loss...

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