Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Militant Wichita Falls Geese Blockade Sikes Lake Trail

The sky looked a bit menacing this morning when I opted to go on a bike ride.

A long bout with insomnia last night has me being exhausted.

A long bike ride helped, a little with this being exhausted thing.

The flocks of geese which call Sikes Lake home were in out of the lake mode today, occupying various locations around the lake, attempting to bully block the trail.

The geese usually end their blockade when they see a bike rolling towards them.

On the opposite side of Sikes Lake from the goose view above I saw today's biggest concentration of geese with maybe two dozen on the trail and dozens more maintaining a vigil beside the trail.

I saw three little girls on scooters have a short standoff with the geese in that biggest concentration. Eventually the geese relented and let the girls pass.

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