Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Arizona Pooling With Theo, Ruby & David

In a little over a week I will likely by at the location you see here.

Had I planned it better I could have been at this location last week and had myself a mighty fine time pooling with my nephews, David and Theo, and niece Ruby.

That would be Theo on the left with Ruby in the middle, in the water. You can figure out which one is David without further instruction.

The location we are looking at here is the backyard of David, Theo and Ruby's aunt Jackie and uncle Jack in Chandler, Arizona.

My expected next opportunity to possibly see David, Theo and Ruby is next October when the trio take their parental units to Mexico City, followed by a stay in Anaheim in order to go to Disneyland with their aforementioned aunt Jackie and uncle Jack.

During that October time frame I will be spending the majority of the month in Arizona. It is only a short drive from Phoenix to Los Angeles. I'm sure David, Theo and Ruby's favorite grandma, Shirley, will be up to a road trip and a Disneyland visit. Grandma has never been to Disney California.

I'm sure the twins and David would love to take grandma on their favorite Disney rides...

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