Monday, June 4, 2018

Horsing Colorfully Around MSU Market Street Learning Commons Before Dodging Raindrops

On this cloudy, almost cold 4th day of June, my bike opted to roll me around Sikes Lake and then to the MSU campus where eventually we stopped at the location you see here.

No, this is not some sort of homage to the Horse of Many Colors in the Wizard of Oz. At least I assume such.

Mustang is the mascot for Midwestern State University. Hence seeing statues of same in various poses, in various colors, all over town.

I believe I previously came upon this particular colorful Mustang at a different location on the MSU campus. Either that or it has a twin.

I do not know the meaning of "MARKET STREET LEARNING COMMONS", that being the sign the Mustang is rearing up at, and pointing to.

Market Street is a grocery store here in Wichita Falls. I first experienced Market Street years ago when one opened in the D/FW town of Colleyville. At that point in time it reminded me of the now defunct Larry's Markets I used to frequent frequently in Washington.

I am not totally, 100% certain, but I think maybe the Market Street grocery store chain began here in Wichita Falls. Market Street has now been taken over by the Safeway/Albertsons growing monopoly.

Is operating a grocery store taught at this MSU Market Street Learning Commons location? Hence the name? Sponsored by the local grocery store? I'm sure someone knows the answer to this probing question.

Before I forget, I must mention, as I rolled around the MSU campus rain began to drip. Fearing getting wet in a downpour I opted to change my biking route and head back home via the fastest route, which meant returning for another roll around Sikes Lake.

By the time I exited the Sikes Lake zone rain was dripping copiously. I made it back to rain-proof shelter before getting totally drenched.

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