Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wheel Rolling Along Arlington's Village Creek With The Indian Ghosts Out Of Town

Those are my handlebars parked on the paved trail in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area. I stopped at this location hoping I would be able to get a good picture of all the leaves that are falling and have fallen since the arrival of fall.

I was not very successful in getting a good picture of the fallen and falling leaves.

As I was taking the picture I looked up to see what I thought was a guy walking a pair of small ponies. Upon closer inspection the pair of small ponies turned out to be a pair of big dogs.

I had no interaction with the Village Creek Indian Ghosts today. They must be out of town at their annual Harvest Moon Powwow.

If you were that one person who read my blogging from yesterday where I mentioned I arrived at Gateway Park yesterday and quickly found out that I was unable to roll my wheels over the mountain bike trails, due to a front tire flat, well, I guess you can likely intuit that the flat is fixed, hence today's Sunday wheel rolling.

Later this afternoon I will be going over to Miss Puerto Rico's for a rare visit. But, before that I just received an urgent request from Elsie Hotpepper which requires my immediate un-distracted attention. I guess I will take care of that right now....

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