Friday, September 19, 2014

A Last Friday Before Fall Walking Tour Of The Industrial Wasteland I Call Home

As you can clearly see, cloudy is our sky motif for this last Friday before the First Day of Fall.

The cloudiness looks such that one would think some precipitation would be precipitating. However, nothing wet fell on me as I took one of my semi-regular walking tours of the Industrial Wasteland I call home.

In the picture we are looking southwest across the vast Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale gas fracking operation which takes up the northwest corner of the intersection of Boca Raton Boulevard and the 820 frontage road.

Across the middle of the picture, at the far left, sits Italy Pizza & Pasta, In the middle sits the Albertsons I frequently frequent and its collection of other stores in an antiquated 60s style strip mall in dire need of having its signage and landscaping upgraded.

The picture pretty much accurately captures what my neighborhood Industrial Wasteland actually looks like.

I suppose I could make a more flattering photo by taking a picture on a sunny day, near sunrise or sunset, with the scene bathed in a golden glow and my camera set to its sunset filter to enhance the special beauty of the moment.

But that would sort of seem like photographic propaganda to me.


J.D. Stranger said...

You seem like you're from outta town and arrogant. You also need educating by the beautiful well pad community.

Durango said...

You are very observant and seem to be extremely accurate in your observations, Mr. Stranger...