Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Prophet J.D. Granger Failed To Predict An Extremely Low Turnout For PIP's Clearfork Music Festival

Last Thursday I blogged a blogging titled Today I Learned JD Granger Is A Panther Island Prophet With A Shack Fort Worth's Latest Music Venue after being appalled at a piece of propaganda puffery in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram publication called DFW.com which touted J.D. Granger as a prophet foreseeing turning the banks of the Trinity River into an extremely successful site for music festivals.

A couple hubris laden J.D. Granger quotes from that DFW.com article...

“When looking at the demographics we were excited to see that people from all over North Texas are coming to events held at Panther Island Pavilion,” Granger says. “Week in and week out, our summer series had the highest attendance we’ve seen in the history of the venue. It’s a great feeling to know this record-breaking summer was a result of people traveling from all over the Metroplex.”

“The success of Panther Island Pavilion has exceeded our expectatins,” Granger says. “We have a packed schedule, including seven events over the next month, but most importantly, it’s bringing a new and diverse audience to Panther Island.”

I remember reading the two above blurbs and thinking, right, people are coming from all over North Texas to record-breaking events on the Trinity River.

The DFW.com puff piece mentioned this past weekend's Clearfork Music Festival at Panther Island Pavilion as being one of the upcoming events which would draw in the throngs from all over the Dallas Metroplex and the rest of North Texas.

Well, an observer from Dallas observed Saturday's Clearfork Music Festival and then wrote an article in the online Dallas Observer titled Clearfork Music Festival was Plagued By Poor Attendance Saturday in Fort Worth.

The first and last two paragraphs from the Dallas Observer article...

Inside of the half-empty Clearfork Music Festival in Fort Worth this past Saturday, it was impossible to not wonder what exactly constitutes a true festival. Any view of the festival grounds at Panther Island Pavilion from one of the slightly elevated spots of the land provided a view of a vibrant festival skeleton complete with tents for local artisans and activists, food trucks, beer trailers and three performance stages. Indeed, Saturday at Clearfork looked very much like a proper festival, even if it failed to feel like one for the most part.

In what should've been the crowning hour for the Clearfork Music Festival was rather underwhelming. Taking only a few steps backwards to break free of the loosely gathered crowd to walk up the incline of a small hill for an overall view of the setting, it was clear that a true crowd hadn't formed even for the headlining set.

So, sure, Clearfork was a festival -- and a well-run, fan-friendly one at that. But regardless of the high quality of performances that saved the day and a staff that was eager to please, there's nothing fun in feeling sorry for the artist beginning a set that few attendees seem to care enough about to arrive before the first two songs are complete. When it comes to music festivals here in North Texas, just because one is built, doesn't mean anyone will come.

Now, the above is what a fair and balanced bit of reporting reads like.

I wonder what the propaganda spin on the Clearfork Music Festival might be in the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's propaganda mouthpiece?

I suspect something like "The Clearfork crowds broke all previous records, proving once again what a successful music venue the Panther Island Pavilion has become, attracting music lovers from all over the world, while making other music festivals in other towns, far and wide, green with envy....."

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of attending Fort Worth's Oktoberfest at The Shack. I may change my mind because I don't want to run into people like Granger, Oliver, or Dud.

Why do they call that building near Panther Island The Shack? Is that an homage to Radio Shack? I think it sounds dull and sophomoric and something that Matt Oliver would come up with.

I have a much better name for that building. Panther Hall. Panther freakin' Hall since these TRV people are so obsessed with calling things Panther. Perfection.