Friday, September 12, 2014

This Morning It Is Only 35 Degrees Above Freezing At My Chilly Location In North Texas

It is a dark and stormy morning this Friday September 12 at my location somewhere nowhere near being deep in the heart of Texas, which you can see via the view from my patio overlooking a nearby swimming pool.

I did not get in that nearby swimming pool yesterday due to big booming early on 9/11, along with big drips of rain dropping.

I did get in that nearby swimming pool this morning and had myself a mighty fine time getting cool.

Tomorrow if I get in that nearby swimming pool it should be even cooler due to the fact that the predicted cold front has arrived right on schedule.

The temperature has been dropping ever since the sun arrived in a currently futile effort to heat up the outer world.

I looked up at my computer based temperature monitoring device to see a drop of another degree, bringing us down now to a very chilly 67 degrees. I am math challenged but I think 67 degrees is only 35 degrees above freezing.


I don't think I will be driving anywhere to go on a hike or bike ride today.....

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Anonymous said...

Sorry we couldn't deliver an ice storm, but I hope this is good enough.

--Mr Galtex