Tuesday, September 9, 2014

J.D. Granger Had Art Meeting The Trinity River With A Judge Needing Educating

That is a young lady named Gaile Robinson smiling at you on the left. Til yesterday I had never heard of Gaile Robinson.

Yesterday I found myself learning that Gaile Robinson is an art critic, or reviewer, or reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, because Gaile Robinson wrote a critical review report about an Amon Carter photo exhibit exhibiting photos of the Trinity River.

Both the photos and the review had a lot of locals in high umbrage mode, including Fort Worth's pre-eminent project engineer, J.D. Granger, who opined that Gaile Robinson was "a reporter who failed to educate herself about our community before she inked this junk."

The junk to which Mr. Granger refers is the article Gaile Robinson wrote for the Star-Telegram.

The full J.D. Granger statement about this serious subject....

I firmly believe there are two people at fault right now. I point this out to encourage our beautiful river community to direct your comments at both of them to help educate them about our Trinity River in Fort Worth. We are victims of an outta town arrogant and ignorant photographer and a reporter who failed to educate herself about our community before she inked this junk. I am a subscriber and love the the Star T - this piece does not reflect who they are. I know for a fact they do their homework because they absolutely grill the heck out of me before any story!

What is this "beautiful river community" Mr. Granger refers to?

Someone named Anonymous made a comment to yesterday's blogging about the Photogate Scandal which also referenced Granger's beautiful river community...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "A Star-Telegram Review Of An Amon Carter Museum Exhibit Leads To Much Ado About Photos Of The Trinity River":

J.D. Granger says that his beautiful river community needs to educate Gaile Robinson and that she is at fault. His remarks contradict what The Trinity River Vision Authority was saying two year ago.

In 2012, the TRV Authority chose Gaile Robinson to judge a TRVA event called "Where Art Meets the River". Two short years ago she was qualified to judge such an event, but now she needs educating according to Granger. 

Has anyone thought to measure the amount of egg which has accumulated on J.D. Granger's face over the years? It may be a Guinness Record....


Anonymous said...

I blame the beer.

Bubba said...

You mean Guinness Beer, right @anonymous?