Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Visiting My Favorite Turtle In Oakland Lake Park While The Fosdick Lake Fountain Sputters

Today I was back at Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdick Lake with my favorite turtle, that big guy you see politely posing on his home log.

The Fosdick Fountain is still sputtering like a Yellowstone geyser gone berserk. I am starting to think maybe the Fosdick Fountain came back to life all on its own, and is now slowly disappearing, also on its own.

I never have found any explanation of how this fountain suddenly came to be sputtering out in the middle of one of Fort Worth's pristine, signature lakes.

I wonder what the legions of tourists who flock to Fosdick Lake think is burbling out in the lake. A gas leak? A natural spring feeding the pristine lake? An underwater volcano erupting? A submarine rising to the surface?

As you can see, via the crystal clear Fosdick Lake water, even though the Fosdick Lake fountain is not operating at its full aerating potential, the water of Fosdick Lake is being more blue than is the norm for the early part of September, with only a few patches of green algae growth coloring the blue.....

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