Tuesday, September 9, 2014

On Twitter Trinity River Fan/Critic Durango Texas Says Calm Down About The Amon Carter Photos

This morning shortly before leaving my abode to go the Village Creek Natural Historical Area I got a couple emails from Twitter.

The first email told me that Bud Kennedy mentioned me in a Tweet.

The second email told me that the FW Star-Telegram re-tweeted the Tweet in which I was mentioned by Bud Kennedy.

I know how to put a Tweet on Twitter, but beyond that Twitter is way too complicated for my simple mind to understand.

The tweeting, twittering, mentioning and re-tweeting had to do with the blogging from yesterday titled A Star-Telegram Review Of An Amon Carter Museum Exhibit Leads To Much Ado About Photos Of The Trinity River in which I do remember suggesting those taking umbrage about the Amon Carter river photo exhibit should calm down. I did not remember suggesting that it helps to see how others view us, but when I re-read what I wrote I could see how it could be characterized as such.

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