Saturday, September 6, 2014

The First September Saturday Rolling Over A Big Gateway Park Snake Before An Organic Visit To Town Talk

My handlebars were back at their favorite Gateway Park photo op location on this first September Saturday.

I seem to see far fewer snakes than I used to see at the various outer world locations that I frequently frequent.

I have rarely had a snake encounter in Gateway Park, but I had one today.

A big snake encounter.

The snake was brown in color. With no diamond pattern like a rattlesnake. I don't think this was a venomous brand of slitherer. We seemed to have startled each other with both of us quickly going in opposite directions.

Today's was the coolest bike ride in awhile. As in the temperature was not in the 90s or over 100. My phone told me it was 86 when I stuck the phone in the bike bag.

I was a bit ambivalent about going to Town Talk today after last Saturday's Labor Day Weekend Town Talk traffic jam. So, I started the wheel rolling thinking I wouldn't go to Town Talk, but by the time I finished the wheel rolling the endorphins had me sedated enough to change my mind.

There was no traffic jam at Town Talk today. I got a gallon of organic skim milk. What makes milk organic I wondered when I put the milk in the cart. Do the cows eat only organic grass?

In addition to the organic milk I got a bag of barbecue flavored sweet potato chips and whole grain sausage and cheese kolaches. I don't think I've had a kolache since the last time I was in West.

And that was a long time ago.

The rest of what I got at Town Talk were vegetables, with the only interesting vegetable being hatch green chiles. So, I guess I will be doing some chile roasting.

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