Sunday, September 21, 2014

Are You A Fellow Trash Bashing Trinity Believer?

A couple minutes ago incoming email came in from Felicity Harper, subject line "OMG", with nothing else in the email but that which you see on the left.

I am assuming this is a badge one gets if one participates in the upcoming annual event where thousands of people fill thousands of bags with Trinity River litter.

The Trinity River produces an astounding amount of litter. It truly is a wonder to behold at times.

What does the T.R.E.E.S. part of the badge stand for? I have no clue.


What does that mean? Believe what in the Trinity?

Are we being divided into two groups? One group which believes in the Trinity" With the other group not believing in the Trinity?

I really don't know if I believe in the Trinity or not. I suspect though that I am likely a non-believer.

Very perplexing.....


Anonymous said...

T rinity
R iver
E. coli
E xceeds
S tandards

Steve A said...

TREES stands for "Trinity River Environment Education Society." They even had the Trinity Boondoggle sponsor them for a few years such as at