Friday, September 5, 2014

Some Questions About The Trinity River Vision Boondoggle & J.D. Granger's Beer Drinking

I am fairly certain that is not J.D. Granger having himself a Cannonball, Allergeez, Real Good or IPf'nA beer at PIB.

I do not know where it is J.D. Granger was whilst guzzling beer under a big sombrero.

A couple days ago in a blogging titled The Futile Search For The Missing Pavilion, Island & Panther At Fort Worth's Panther Island Pavilion I neglected to mention that Panther Island Brewing refers to itself as PIB.

Prior to forgetting to mention PIB I forgot to mention that Panther Island Pavilion has taken to referring to itself as PIP.

I do not know if Gladys Knight has been signed yet to appear at one of the PIP's many musical festivals.

Speaking of J.D. Granger. And who isn't? This morning I got an email asking me how much Mr. Granger is paid as Executive Director of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle for his music festival and flood control project building expertise.

The emailer also made the point that with the Boondoggle being built in slow motion that paying all the Boondoggle Visioneers all those extra years would seem to be greatly adding to the expense of this public works project the public has never voted for.

I thought this particular emailer raised some interesting points.

Years ago a Boondoggle insider emailed me due to being upset about what she was seeing up close in Boondoggle Headquarters. Everyone getting new iPhones, iPads, leased cars, junkets, expense accounts, hotel stays in Dallas, I forget what else.

Just remembered another, that being the big booze supply kept at Boondoggle Headquarters.

So, does anyone know how much J.D. Granger is being paid per year in salary plus perks? It would seem this must be public information, what with the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle sort of being a public agency, even though the public is not allowed to vote on anything related to the Boondoggle.

What is the total spent on salaries and perks for all the employees of the Boondoggle? It takes a lot of employees to run all those music festivals at the top music venue in the Dallas Metroplex.

So, the aforementioned emailer's point is a good one. What with the Boondoggle boondoggling along way longer than I think anyone anticipated back when the Boondoggle began, with very little to show for all these years of Boondoggling, paying all these Boondogglers all these extra years obviously has greatly added to the cost of the Boondoggle.

And as long as we are on the subject of the slow motion Boondoggle, how come there is no questioning, that I have made note of, in any of what passes for local media in the Fort Worth zone, asking why there is no project timeline for this extremely vital flood control project?

As in when is it we are finally going to be safe from a flooding Trinity River in the downtown Fort Worth zone?


Is that why there is no urgency regarding the building of this extremely vital flood control project? Because the fact of the matter is there is no urgency because this flood control project is not even remotely vital.

Apparently what is vital is providing Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats, music festivals on an imaginary island with an imaginary pavilion, a drive-in movie theater, freshly brewed beer, ice skating, wake boarding and a riverside restaurant, because after all these years that is all you have to see when you look at the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle....


Anonymous said...

It looks like J.D. is drinking a Corona Extra.

In apropos of nothing, my favorite beers are all made in Fort Worth. Pabst Blue Ribbon, Lone Star and Miller High Life are all brewed in Cowtown. I can only drink craft beer in cold weather.

Steve A said...

We should consider that keeping J.D. drunk saves the taxpayers money!