Monday, September 15, 2014

An Ides Of September Walk Around My Neighborhood's Billboards

I had myself a mighty fine time in the not so cool pool this morning.

By the time my regularly scheduled midday break from keyboard tapping came around I was not in the mood to drive anywhere, so I took a walk around my neighborhood.

When I got to the part of my neighborhood walk that walks on the narrow sidewalk next to the I-820 frontage road I looked across the freeway to see the billboard you see here, with something not looking right hanging off the billboard.

I wondered if this was some sort of Chick fil A type cleverness relating to floors which my feeble imagination was unable to understand.

When I got the picture off the camera I was surprised to see that there were two men on board the billboard which my eyes did not see. But my camera did.

The lesson I glean from this is I need to pay closer attention to the details of that at which I am  looking.

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