Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It Takes One Gateway Park Wheel Roller Only An Hour To Change A Light Bulb

As you can see I was back at my favorite photo op location in Fort Worth's Gateway Park today, rolling my wheels twice over every inch of Gateway Park's mountain bike trails.

How many miles?

I don't know, for sure. Maybe 10, give or take a mile or two.

Prior to acquiring much needed endorphins by aerobically over stimulating I spent an hour, give or take a minute or two, doing an extremely difficult auto mechanic task.

Changing a burnt out left turn signaling light bulb.

One would think this would be easy, and maybe it is, but not for me. I am not auto mechanically inclined.

I have a backlog of blogging fodder currently backing me up. I really do not like a blogging fodder backup.

And then there is Miss Julie,  known as the Queen of Assumption, assuming it was  a good idea to ask me to share a dozen things I am grateful for every day for a week. I can think of dozens upon dozens of things I am grateful for, but I can't think of a reason why I would want to be sharing my gratefulness.

It was the Fort Worth Connie D who started the excessive gratefulness flood.

Just saw an incoming blog comment, commenting about the Prophet J.D. Granger and his festivals. This relates to one of my blogging fodder backups. That being J.D. Granger's Clearfork Music Festival which took place on his imaginary island on the last Saturday of August, which according to one Dallas observer was a big dud.

I will hit the publish button on this particular blogging and then check out J.D. Granger's latest dud....


cd0103 said...

I didn't start it, I just played along. I find it a good exercise, unlike the stupid ice water challenge.

Durango said...

CD, sorry for the erroneous assumption. I guess I should join Miss Julie on her throne, the King and Queen of Assumption. Anyway, the ice water challenge really grates on me too. Sheep.