Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Third Into September Today I Hope We Have Hit 100 For The Last Time This Year

A minute ago, or maybe two, I woke up my phone to text message a message to Elsie Hotpepper telling the Hotpepper I'd completed a task I'd been tasked with.

When I woke up the phone I was surprised to see the phone telling me that the temperature had gone over the 100 degree mark.

I looked up at my computer temperature monitoring device to see the same number.


I thought the HOT days were behind us for the year, that a cold front was scheduled to arrive at any moment.

Look at the info above it appears the cold front is currently scheduled to arrive on Friday, with a low of 61, with Saturday's high being a chilly 76.

I guess I need to source my long underwear if I want to go mountain bike riding in Gateway Park on Saturday.

I had been wondering why the air-conditioning has been cycling off and on so frequently this afternoon. And now I know.

It's HOT!

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