Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Moving Look At One Of Fort Worth's Boarded Up Gateway Park Boardwalks

On the left you are looking at one of Fort Worth's Gateway Park boarded up Boardwalks.

There are two boarded up Boardwalks in Gateway Park. One at the west side of the park, one at the east side of the park.

Both Gateway Park boarded up Boardwalks have been boarded up eyesores for years.

One used to be able to get by that which boarded up the Boardwalk and make ones way down the Boardwalk to the point where going further was impossible.

Now, in 2014, the boarded up west side Boardwalk is boarded up with sufficient boards to prevent anyone getting on the boarded up Boardwalk without extreme effort. Upon a close look it appears a lot of the boards that make up the Boardwalk have now decomposed to the point where one would be a fool to try and get around the blockage to walk on the boarded up Boardwalk.

Below is a YouTube video which gives you a good idea of what an eyesore this boarded up Boardwalk is. And, like I say in the video, I don't understand why Fort Worth does not either tear down this boarded up Boardwalk. Or fix it...


Anonymous said...

The guy from Desperate Landscapes spruced up The Fort Worth Herd's corral this past summer in the Fort Worth Stockyards in Fort Worth Texas. Maybe he can do the same for Gateway Park.

That said, the beautiful Gateway Park community needs to educate you and help you embrace Fort Worth's allure.

River Watcher said...

Too bad Fort Worth doesn't embrace the natural allure and quit messing with the Trinity.
When you ditch a natural river and make it shorter, the river will change course downstream to dissipate the extra energy gained from being ditched. It has a natural length. This course changing creates havoc with the allure- manmade and natural. People have known this for a thousand years, but down river is out of town, I guess, or maybe the wrong part of town.