Thursday, September 4, 2014

Today In Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area I Found No Indian Ghost Criminal Activity

My regularly scheduled barely post dawn swim went well today, and was particularly refreshing due to the fact this was the first morning in a long time that the pool felt cool.

A harbinger of more cool to come.

I hope.

I really have not been getting enough exercise of late, so I decided to roll my mechanized wheels to Arlington to roll my non-mechanized wheels with the Indian Ghosts who haunt the Village Creek Natural Historical Area..

Soon after crossing the Village Creek dam bridge, on my way to the still brown and green Village Creek Blue Bayou, I saw the scene you see above.

Yellow crime scene tape snaking its way the full length of the open field where every once in awhile soccer games are played.

Due to my bike's fear of goatheads flattening a tire I left the bike on the paved trail and wandered off to see if I could figure out what the crime was that required so much yellow tape.

I was fairly certain the Indian Ghosts had not been up to any deadly mischief.

It did not take much sleuthing to discover the reason for the taping. Trucks are using the soccer field as a road, to get to another road which leads to Village Creek, where I suspect a big pipeline is being fixed or replaced. I did not investigate further, so I could only surmise, based on previously having seen a rather old looking pipe at that location.

Continuing on I crossed the Village Creek dam bridge where I soon saw a lady in the distance walking her dog. I vocalized my usual "coming up behind you" so as not to startle the walker. But, the vocalizing caused quite a startled reaction of the sort that I think it might be the type thing that is the origin of the jumped out of her skin cliche.

Maybe the lady thought the disembodied voice was one of the Indian Ghosts haunting her, hence the frightened reaction.

When I neared the jumpy lady I slowed down and apologized profusely for startling her. She laughed politely and said something like "I am very high strung".

So, I guess being jumpy was just her nature and had nothing to do with thinking she was hearing from an Indian Ghost.

With no further incidents I had myself a mighty fine bike ride and then I was off to ALDI to get butter along with some other needed stuff....

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