Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Old Hometown Bikini Coffee Baristas At The Foxy Lady Latte

I seem to be blogging a lot lately about my old home zone. I guess it's because those wacky Pacific Northwesterners generate some goofy news of a different sort than the news I find goofy in Texas.

I knew of the current fad in the Puget Sound region of espresso stands being manned by girls in bikinis.

This type thing would seem to be something that there would be in Texas, but substitute snow cone stands for espresso stands. There are so many strip joints in Texas, few of those exist in the Northwest, it seems logical that Texas would be the place where scantily clad females sold beverages in little drive-thru stands.

The "bikini barista" stand I read about in my old hometown newspaper, this morning, is called Foxy Lady Latte. It's the first in Skagit County. The county to the south, Snohomish, made embarrassing national news a couple months ago when some of the Snohomish "bikini barista" stands were raided for providing additional services.

So, I'm a little surprised that one of these has opened in Skagit County. The Foxy Lady Latte is managed by Kymm Rivers. She talked her boss into opening up Skagit County's first "bikini barista" joint in June. Apparently Kymm had worked in one of the Snohomish County "bikini barista" stands.

Business has been brisk for Foxy Lady Latte. 75% of the customers are male. Some customers verbalize surprise that a place called Foxy Lady has coffee brewers working in bikinis.

I never bought into the espresso fad when I lived in Coffeeland. Paying 3 bucks for a tarted up cup of coffee just seemed dumb to me. That and I hated the lingo you had to use when ordering a cup of coffee. It always has sounded so pretentious to me. I'll have a Double Tall Mocha Frappacino Skim with Whip. I have no idea if that means anything.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Well, you wouldn't want Skim milk and then add Whipped Cream, that would just defeat the purpose, darlin'

Durango said...

Well, I said I didn't know what if my coffee lingo meant anything. Isn't there low fat whipped cream?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Of course there is low fat whipped cream, but you didn't specify thus making your coffee lingo full of mixed messages ;)

Steve A said...

I just say: "I'll take my free tall coffee with no room. Here's my coupon." I'm really glad Starbucks is promoting the heck out of their lousy instant coffee - free coupons for the drinkable stuff. It makes Quicktrip look overpriced. It truly is a company that's lost its way.

Why go to bikini-clad baristas when the Starbucks is free? Besides, other than Starbucks around here, the coffee shops tend to have relegious affiliations. Bible Belt & all. Until I got here, I never thought of coffee as an evangelical tool.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what that specific order means exactly either, Durango, but without proper context it sounds awfully kinky, with whip and all. This new fad will end as soon as one of the bikini gals sues for getting scalded by the hot coffee. Their young bodies might even get a bigger judgment than the one by little old granny a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I live in Texas and I'm from Skagit County too! I know a couple girls who work here, including Kymm. I didn't even know this place existed until today. Hmmmm.

Durango said...

Steve A---Did you drink the Starbucks Kool-Aid when you lived it its zone? Shortly before I moved Starbucks was testing their new cafe concept in that cool new vertical mall east of Westlake Center, in downtown Seattle, the name of which escapes me. Pacific Something Center? It had a very cool movie theater at the top with the concessions stand being sort of like a treehouse. Anyway, the Starbucks Cafe was sort of like a restaurant. It was very busy, but I don't think the concept flew, cuz I've not seen any other Starbucks Cafes. Not that I've been looking.

Anonymous #1----Read today the Bellevue Bikini Barristas are outta business. Don't know if any scalding was involved.

Anonymous #2---You're from the valley? Where? And where are you in Texas. You know a couple of the girls that work at the Foxy Lady Latte bikini coffee stand on Cook Road?

Does this mean you are from either Burlington or Woolley? Or points between?

Anonymous said...

If you actually like coffee its about the worst place to purchase it. I've never had such consistently terrible coffee. It's worth driving down the street to Starbucks. BLEH

Anonymous said...

I love the Foxy Lady Latte stand off cook road! If you don't like coffee the smoothies are super good. And I beg to differ with 'Anonymous', Starbucks constantly serves me burnt ass tasting bitter coffee yuck :)