Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It Today In Arlington At The Caelum Moor

That's the original location of the Texas Stonehenge, known as Caelum Moor. It has been in hiding since sometime around 1996, due to almost 2 dozen evangelical preachers complaining that the Caelum Moor was attracting wiccans and pagans.

God forbid.

A preacher from Stephenville, that being the town that sees UFOs, Michael Tummillo, posted on his website the news that "Occultic landmark resurrected near home of the Dallas Cowboys." And then warned Arlington about a demonic backlash. And claimed that this outrage is a mockery of Christianity and that those near the Caelum Moor and the Dallas Cowboys were in a "dance with the devil."

So, today I felt I really needed to go see the Caelum Moor and take some pictures. Little did I know that the devil was already busy.

I figured Sunday would be an easy time to go into the congested zone by the Dallas Cowboy stadium. It's a mess of freeway construction. I knew I had a problem when I saw the freeway emergency signs were playing a message about stadium traffic congestion.

I was talking to Tootsie Tonasket when I got off the freeway, so I'm a bit confused as to where I exited. So much has changed. I think I exited on Collins and soon found myself on the new road that runs between the Ballpark in Arlington and the new Cowboys stadium.

I had no idea people were being parked on lots so far from the stadium. I was barely off the freeway when I saw the first $40 parking lot. All the parking lots around the Ballpark in Arlington were parking cars at $40 a pop. I had never seen a tailgate party before. Today I saw hundreds, maybe thousands. They put up a canopy and BBQs. It smelled good.

Then the Caelum Moor came into view. And the new stadium. It was a bit hectic, trying to get a look without running into anyone or thing, but I have to say, what I saw looked cool. I wanted to park. But there was no place to park without shelling out $40. I'd not seen the outside video boards fired up on the stadium before. It made that impressive structure look even more futuristic. And out of place.

I saw a lot a long ways from the stadium charging $60 to park. As I continued south I kept expecting to find a place to park, close enough that I could walk back and take pictures of the Caelum Moor and the tailgate parties and the parking signs and the stadium's video screens.

I was quite a distance south of the stadium when I saw a FINA gas station selling parking for $40, with the Jack in the Box across the street doing the same. I gave up.

Later I was in my neighborhood Super Wal-Mart and the checkout girl asked me what I'd been up to. Why do you ask? Do I look frazzled? She said, yes, you do. I told her I got stuck in the traffic mess by the new stadium. She told me that the Super Wal-Mart by the stadium sold parking and let people have tailgate parties.

With the Caelum Moor bringing the devil to Arlington, and to the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones particularly, one can only fear what sort of fresh hell is about to descend upon that hapless area now. I thought the devil had already taken control of that zone when he worked in cahoots with Jerry Jones to commit the worst case of eminent domain abuse in American history.

Caelum Moor is one part of what's been quite a day. I don't want to talk about the rest of it. It's just too convoluted.


Jovan Gonzales said...

How is it that you always stumble upon all these really cool things? I just googled Caelum Moor and was met with some very interesting schtuff. You must just attract off-topic cool stuff. Now, when I make it back to Dallas, I suppose I'll be having to check out things in FW and Arlington. I'll make sure to being going on like afternoon on Tuesday, lol.

AT: Sorry about your "convoluted" day! You should watch some Ellen comedy. She's always funny. :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Jovan--remember that "Texas is like a whole other country!" (from PR materials). The Fort Worth (formerly Cowtown but now Tasertown or Drillville)and Arlington (i.e. Jonestown--eww!) area are really putting a set of new meanings to that PR slogan. Of course, don't drive in Dallas if you "don't talk English", comprende amigo? Be sure and get Durango to take you driving shirtless without a seat belt slowly near the famous (or infamous) Carter Ave. area. This is not meant as an insult but I keep thinking that Durango and his adventures are very reminescent of Kramer's life on "Seinfeld". G-g-g-giddy up!!Come visit our new "country" soon, Jovan---if you dare :D

Jovan Gonzales said...

Anon: I am definitely not picking up what you are putting down. I have always hated that "Texas is like a whole other country" thing. But I guess every state has it's oddities. I'm also going to have to pass on riding around shirtless, without a seatbelt, with a stranger around Carter Ave. Ha! I don't even know what is special about Carter Ave.

Too bad I don't watch Seinfeld because I am so lost. Hahaha. Visit our new country? I live in TexAss. I'm unbelievably confused at the moment.

Sorry Dango for random comments not pertaining to your post! (It'll fluff up your comments section anyways!!!)

Anonymous said...

That preacher man should direct much of his pontificating (sorry for the term since he's definately not Catholic) toward members of his flock and the city leaders and drillers in FW (could be ones and the same)who are doing the Devil's work in destroying God's creation and harming God's creatures. I'll give him credit for recognizing that the "devil" hangs around that Eminent Domain Dome, tho. Not sure of good of a dancer he is, but he's been dancing his way to the bank many a times. Lord have mercy!

WDYC said...

The preacher missed the point entirely. Jerry Jones IS the devil.