Friday, October 23, 2009

Dallas Texas Police Issue Dozens Of Tickets For Not Speaking English

This morning I read in the Dallas Morning News that a rookie Dallas cop, Gary Bromley, had ticketed a Mexican national, Ernestina Mondragon, who had a driver's license, for not being able to speak English.

I am not making this up.

And now, late in the afternoon, Levi Johnston, who is now one of my regular news sources, via Twitter, tweeted the news that by this afternoon the story had changed.

Now, we learn it was not just one isolated rookie incident, instead, dozens of tickets have been issued, in Dallas, for not being able to speak English.

My great-great grandpa came to America, from Holland, unable to speak English, and never learned the language. But his descendants are all quite fluent with the language.

Sarah Palin really should have worked harder at keeping Levi in her realm. He seems to be quite a wise guy at only 19 years old.

Below is Levi's Twitter Tweet about the Dallas Cops Non-English Speaking Ticket Scandal...

"39 tickets issued to Mexican workers 4 not being able to speak English in DaLLAS TEXAS WTF? TEXAS IS ONE CRAZY STATE."


Steve A said...

So, what specific part of the Texas Transportation Code is violated by someone unable to speak English?

Even the driver's test may be administered in Spanish according to Sec. 521.162 of the Texas Transportation Code. The only requirement is that Sec. 521.161 (B) requires the examinee have the "ability to identify and understand highway signs in English that regulate, warn, or direct traffic."

THAT sounds eminently reasonable to me since I'd like other drivers to be able to interpret the signs and THOSE are not bilingual. It matters little to me what language the drivers speak as long as they know that "stop" means to stop. What is the cop's problem? He doesn't like the laws of Texas?

Jovan Gonzales said...

Steve -- I think a lot of people in Texas just don't know the laws (kinda like getting stopped for having your plate in the windscreen which IS legal). Our law enforcement likes to pretend they know...ha!

I'm so glad you posted this. I'm now going to see if I can get any tickets for not speaking English. I already speak Spanish -- should be no problem! I'll make sure to direct all cops to this page, hahaha. If I get one, I'll make sure you send you a picture of my lovely ticket.

Okay, I'm not going to actively try to get a ticket, but next time I get pulled over there will be no English! Mwahahahaha! <--Evil laugh.