Friday, November 9, 2018

Snow Free Cold Climb To Mount Wichita Summit

On this second Friday of the 2018 version of November what feels like a winter Arctic blast has blasted into North Texas.

A windy blast.

Barely in 50s by late afternoon. Barely in the 40s when I decided to take a now rare drive to the base of Mount Wichita so as to attempt a climb to the summit.

With snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, today may possibly be the last time a climb to the summit of Mount Wichita is possible without navigating an icy snowcap, til spring arrives, melting the glacier in the making.

And so that makes what you are looking at above the currently snow-free view from the summit of Mount Wichita, looking southeast across Lake Wichita with Lake Wichita Dam at the far side end of the lake.

With a freeze expected to arrive in a few hours I have removed all my flowering plants from their outdoor patio location to the protected solarium zone where they are more likely to survive.

Last Friday a blown transformer knocked out power in my zone for hours. A rare power outage at my current location. That powerless incident motivated me to arm myself with multiple light sources of the candle and battery powered sort. But, now I am concerned if this Arctic Blast somehow knocks out the power I have no alternative means of heating my interior space.

My previous abode had a fireplace. This came in useful more than once during a power outage during cold times. I do have a plentiful supply of thick blankets. I should be able to warmly survive a power outage tonight. Or tomorrow...

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Steve A said...

A bit of that ubiquitous global warming would come in handy this week!