Saturday, November 17, 2018

Snowless Saturday Mount Wichita Climb With An Afghan

As you can clearly see, the recent brush with snow which flurried slightly in Wichita Falls was not a strong enough brush to leave Mount Wichita snow capped.

And so, what with the return of temperatures dozens of degrees above freezing, I left my cross country skis in the closet and put regular shoes on my lower extremities so as to facilitate a salubrious endorphin inducing bout of aerobic stimulation via hiking to the summit of the tallest mountain rising to the sky anywhere for miles around at this relatively flat location on the planet.

I was not alone in enjoying the great pleasantly warmed outdoors today.

From the summit of Mount Wichita, looking down from high above, I saw a bench beside the Circle Trail filled up with sitters sitting, enjoying a break from whatever they were doing, listening to the waves flowing to shore, or maybe geese squawking. Or both.

Back at sea level, I mean, lake level, I walked on the Circle Trail for a couple miles. As you can see, via the photo documentation above, the Circle Trail gets mighty close to Lake Wichita and those incoming waves being blown across the lake.

Eventually I left the Circle Trail for a more rugged dirt path which makes a wide circle around Mount Wichita. The entire route takes an hour, gave or take a minute or three.

When I finally made it back to my mechanized means of motion I drove to the Post Office for a date with an Afghan. That went well, for the most part.

Suffice to say I am challenged when determining whether a number is an 8 or a 5, or not, apparently...

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